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Danisa Butter Cookies

A piece of cookie is what makes the regular tea or coffee time special. And Danisa Cookies are the best synonym for Heavy, Yummy and Buttery cookies. These royal cookies emerged in the scenario of taste since 1966 with the brand called Royal Dansk.  Since then, generations are the witness of most delicious cookies in the world – The Danisa cookies. The tradition of making pure and highly sacred products is followed by the company regardless of transformation of the century. Aromatic, delicious and authentic packaging makes it the choice of Royal taste buds.

Deprived of yeasts and flavourings Danisa cookies are made from butter, wheat flour, sugar and pouring only vanilla and chocolate tastes within. Of course the presentation beats the others with boxes of various shapes viz. round, square, oval and flat. The premium range of luscious cookies with crispy, crunchy and lovely flavors touches hearts of people along with their tongues.

The bakers select the butter and milk of finest grade together with strict standards of ingredients. Needless to mention that perfection is particularly taken care of. The best of the products are Harvest Moon, Butter Pretzel, Sugar Slice, Vanilla Ring and Currant Crunch. The other flavors include cashew, choco, pineapple and fresh currant fruit. Missing any single taste would be a crime for one’s own pleasure. It is indeed the best of the baked items one can inherit. Danisa owe gratitude from the cookie lovers. The company is a leader in the Asian market serving the consumer base over 60 countries of the world. The cookies originated from the traditional treats enjoyed by the European nobility carried by the master bakers.  Consistency in quality and taste as well makes every consumer loyal to this sweet chewier biscuits not just produced but created as a divine structure to content the human intestine. A wide variety of styles with an array of ingredients is formulated to serve each and every taste bud commendably. Attractive texture and hygienic procedures makes it an apple of everyone’s eye.

Words are inadequate to document the varied features of Danisa cookies, you need to taste it and express to indulge into the beauty of these crispy and tasty baked gems.  Confectionary items undoubtedly rule over prevailing junk foods and Danisa makes sure to present the same with health consciousness. Filling in the cookies represent the concern of the makers towards fitness and appetite of their consumers. The recipes are available on the website too to make sure you do not miss the care and concern while crafting this nourishing yet luxurious item.

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