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Bamboo salt – Korea’s heritage with 1300 years of history Regain your health with traditional and original bamboo salt!

Sambo Bamboo Salt strives to produce reliable and healthy bamboo salt products and ensure high quality by rigorously selecting the raw materials such as bamboo and bay salt based on craftsmanship.

We only use fresh, 3- to 5-year-old bamboos and Grade 1 bay salt. Our bamboo salt, which is made by baking in an 800-degree ocher kiln 9 times for 8 hours, enhances beneficial properties of bamboo while removing harmful substances that remain in bay salt and enriching the minerals in it.

Bamboo salt is healthy salt that is made by baking bay salt in bamboo stem at high temperature for multiple times in order to eliminate harmful substances. There are different types of bamboo salt such as cooked bamboo salt, brush-teeth bamboo salt, beauty bamboo salt, and purplish bamboo salt.

[Cooked bamboo salt]

  • Cooked Bamboo Salt (baked once)










  • Cooked Bamboo Salt Gold (melted 3 times)










Melted in extreme high temperature, 1500℃ or higher, like lava

– It has coarse particles and is rich in natural sulfur and minerals, which are left after removing harmful substances in bay salt. It is a slightly alkaline edible bamboo salt that acts as a natural seasoning and enhances the taste and freshness of the food.


[How to Use]

  1. When making fermented food, use bamboo salt to keep the food fresh for longer time.
  2. Bamboo salt enhances the taste of meat with its subtle sweet aftertaste.
  3. Use it for seasoning soup, stew, etc. Sulfur in bamboo salt enriches the taste of the food and offers health benefits.
  4. Use Cooked Bamboo Salt Gold for meat, eggs, or salad to enhance the taste and health benefits.
  5. It is excellent substitute for normal salt when cooking various dishes.


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– Do NOT take bamboo salt with hot water. Bamboo salt contains natural sulfur from bamboo, which, when in contact with hot water, boils. Therefore, taking it with hot water can induce nausea.

– If you have kidney disease or hypertension, make sure to consult your doctor first as you will need to adjust the daily

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